Why We Go on Wine Tasting Tours

Our Daily Wine

Wine Tours in Shenandoah County, VA

Throughout the ages, people have expressed their love of wine in heartfelt, deep, and sometime hilarious ways. Please enjoy some of our favorite reasons to take our wine tour this weekend.

“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age” – Pope John XXII

“To take wine into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history” ― Clifton Fadiman

“We ought to be opening a bottle of wine!” – Edith Wharton

“Artists and poets still find life’s meaning in a glass of wine.” – Joy Sterling

” Wine makes all things possible.” – George R. R. Martin

‪”Drink freely the wine the world offers you and don’t worry how much you spill” -Marty Rubin

“Wine is life.” – Petronius

‪”What the youth gave love and roses, age still leaves us friends and wine” – Thomas Moore

“If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul.” – Clifton Fadiman.

‪”Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forget his toil.” – Lord Byron

“When it comes to wine, I tell people to throw away the vintage charts and invest in a corkscrew. The best way to learn about wine is the drinking.” – Alexis Lichine

“It’s all about the grapes” – Sally Cowall of Muse vineyards.

“The flavour of wine is like delicate poetry.” – Louis Pasteur

“WINE! Because these problems aren’t going to forget THEMSELVES!” ― Tanya Masse

“This wine reminds me of memories that I don’t even have!” – Some guy at a tasting

“Wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone.” – Thomas Jefferson

“Wine is just a conversation waiting to happen.” – Jessica Altieri

“Quickly bring me a beaker of wine, so I may wet my mind and say something clever.” – Aristophanes

“Wine is for sharing. What’s the fun of swirling, swishing, sloshing and yakking if my friends can’t join in?” – Jennifer Rosen

“I like on the table when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine” – Pablo Neruda

“Wine is bottled poetry” – Robert Louis Stevenson

“The wine in the bottle does not quench the thirst.” – George Herbert

“Nothing makes the future look so rosy as to contemplate it through a glass of Chambertin.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Wine & friends are a great blend.” – Ernest Hemingway

“With wine and hope anything is possible” – Spanish proverb