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Shenandoah Wine Tours October Recipe Contest

So we are going to do a recipe book for the Holiday Season and we are looking for wine recipes.

Here’s how it will work: Submit a recipe to us via e-mail to: and if we like it, we will put it in our book. (One of the ingredients needs to be wine.) Also, the person who submits the best recipe (as determined by us) in each of the following categories will win 2 Coupons for a free wine tour. The categories are: Main dish, Dessert, Appetizer/other, & Drink.

By submitting the recipe you are granting us permission to use your name and recipe in our book and on our web pages.

Feel free to submit photos of yourself and your concoction along with the recipe as long as you don’t mind us posting it or putting it in the book.

Can’t wait to try out your wonderful dishes!

Deadline for submissions is 1 November 2017

Please share!


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